About Us

Lee Mattingly is a native Austinite. A graduate from St. Edwards University, she attended Baylor Law School with a concentration in Litigation. Lee attended classes at the William Richardson Law School in Manoa to understand Hawaiian culture and diversity.  Lee also received a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. Lee uses this well-rounded education to benefit clients financially and emotionally. Attorney Lee Mattingly utilizes the mediation skills to resolve issues outside the courtroom. When it is necessary to appear in court for hearings and/or trials, Lee is a skilled, experienced litigator. Lee Mattingly has appeared in courtrooms throughout the State of Texas, and  Hawai'i.  Lee now is representing clients in Kailua Kona, the sacred place of Hawai'i. The best compliment I have received from clients is that I have been attentive to their needs and worked diligently to achieve the best result possible. The best outcome requires the client to participate in each step of the process and to trust the advice of their attorney. Attorney Lee Mattingly is committed to making the process as smooth as possible. WE CAN DO IT, TOGETHER.

Lee has spent considerable time in the area of ​FAMILY LAW, DIVORCE, CHILD CUSTODY, personal injury, automobile accidents and family law and has worked with nationally recognized litigators on Personal Injury/automobile accidents cases and complicated family law matters.  She obtained bachelors degree in Human Services, as well as masters in conflict resolution and SPHR credentials. She has Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. Certified Mediator.

Lee is also committed to doing pro bono work in Hawai'i. Each summer Lee spends time assisting individuals in Molokai`i   with family law, probate and landlord-tenant issues. You can learn more about Lee's Hawai'i connections here.

Mission Statement

...and Justice for all

To provide quality legal services in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere which encourages trust and respect for each of us as professionals and individuals. To always look further than the legal position, and not lose sight of the best interest of the client. To appreciate each others' strengths and contribute the very best that we have of ourselves...so we can sleep well at night...to extend some kindness to each other and to those who walk through our door so they will say, "I am glad that I stopped in." To take care of ourselves physically and spiritually, and to always remember our Mission Statement. Perhaps it should be shortened to "...and Justice for all."

We work hard for you.



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