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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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Law Office of Lee Mattingly

The Law office of Lee Mattingly provides quality, progressive FAMILY LAW services. Attorney Lee Mattingly provides individual attention to each client that walks through the door. Lee works with the client to determine what legal assistance can be pursued, using all tools available, while honoring the true interest of the client. Lee Mattingly is available to assist the clients through the stressful issues of divorce, family law matters, premarital agreements, property division and child custody. When you are heading down the road of grieving a loss due to injury or marital conflict, you need an attorney who will listen and respectfully mediate or litigate to reach the best result with the facts presented. Lee Mattingly created a Mission Statement to assure that the client’s interest comes first. Representing Individuals in KAILUA KONA, HAWAI’I in a professional manner while demanding results.

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“Ua mau ke ea ka aina i ka pono,” the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Kamehameha III

Seat 4 is the Power Seat. It requires strength and focus to push through to obtain results.