Attorney-Lawyer Kailua-Kona Hawaii Austin TexasLee provides Mediations in Family Law, Personal Injury, and mediations involving governmental entities. Lee is a practicing attorney with a Law Office in Kailua Kona Hawaii, and occasionally Austin. Lee Mattingly has had 20 years of experience in Family Law, Divorce, Plaintiffs litigation and 6 years experience representing government entities. This unique broad-based experience qualifies Lee as a trusted neutral mediator by both sides of the Bar. Lee’s background and knowledge regarding personnel policies, state and federal constitutional law, employment law and human resources is valuable in resolving complaints filed in the workspace. Lee is available to mediate cases when in Hawai’i.

  • Masters Degree Conflict Resolution
  • 40 hours Basic Mediation Training
  • 24 hour Family Law Mediation
  • Texas Association of Mediators
  • TMCA Credentialed Advanced Mediator
  • State Bar of Hawaii-Texas – ADR Selection
  • SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) Certification

Sitting in a 3.8 meter sea kayak and watching a 4 meter great white shark approach you is a fairly tense experience …………………..much like going to court and being grilled by a Judge and opposing counsel.